Have you ever dreamed that your brand becomes a talk of mouth?  Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room – remember that. ? Chris Ducker 

A brand is not just a name of your business but it includes the number of things like Design of your logo, shape, and colors of graphics you are using for your brand. And the text you are using for your business.  There are so much efforts in the above thing to produce a very strong Brand Image.

You all know the name of big companies like Apple, Samsung, Godrej, Nestle,  and many other big brands. All these are a very well known brand name even children know about it. This success is not overnight but they spend millions of dollars on marketing and working so many hours to keep their Brand Image as it is.

And for that, you need to promote your brand by doing proper marketing. Some people say we are not a big brand so we cannot spend money to promote our brand, or we don’t have enough budget to promote our brand.

Yes, it is true that You are not Apple. So obviously you don’t have millions of dollars but it is not like sit back side and do nothing.  All the famous brand didn’t get the success overnight.  A question again So what to do without a big marketing budget.?? Let’s discover it.

Be Loyal:   loyalty is the main key to any business. Show commitment and loyalty to your existing customer. The trust factor is the important key between business and costumer.

Stability:   If you are not stable in your business then no one can trust on you. Show commitment that you are here for the permanent.

Maintain Quality:   Whatever your business service provider, manufacturer anything. Maintain your quality about it. If you are a service provider then give the best service to your customer and client. If they are satisfied with your quality then surely they will recommend you to other people.

Take care of your customer:    Don’t forget any of your customer once they purchased a product or completed service, remember them ask them feedback about your service/product and if your customer facing any problem due to your product/service then solve them on urgent based. If immediate not possible then tell your customer that “ Give us some time we are here to solve your problem” . & just not commit but give them the final solution.  Remember that if your customer is satisfied with your customer care then no one can beat you.

 Marketing:   Without marketing, no one can know you!! Its not necessary you can do nothing without a big marketing budget, start it from a small step.  Today there are many social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc..  post about your product/service, join different community share over there.


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