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It’s the beginning of New Year and with New Year comes newer trends. The world of advertising as we know is changing so rapidly that it’s become increasingly difficult for the brands to scale up their business and differentiate oneself from thousand others in the market. Below are some of the marketing trends the brands should be focusing on this year:

  1. AI Powering Everything

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence will continue to expand its horizon this year too. Brand will continue to work with and expand the range of applications based on these two major technologies. Be it a Chabot or automation or scheduling an appointment, AI is spreading its wings in the areas we cannot start to imagine. In advertising area, AI can be used to increase productivity, improve efficiency and assured customer satisfaction with AI enabled solutions working primarily on customer centric advertising. Trend analysis, developing unique & personalized strategies as well as improved customer profiling are some of the areas Machine learning would play its vital role.

  1. Micro Influences as the major influencer

You know it is always good to get recommendations from someone we know about something we want rather than plainly going to buy it with vague reviews on internet. That’s where micro influencer plays their role. Even though last couple of years has seen a huge growth in influencer market, it’s the micro influencers who are doing all the rounds. Studies reveal that more than 80% of customers are “highly likely” to act on recommendations by micro influencers as opposed to the 70% of them to follow recommendations from an average customer.

  1. Voice Search

I think most of you would agree that with our evolution we have grown lazier. We want things on our tips not needing us to move from our place. Voice enabled search is another new marketing strategy that adds to the comfort of a user. This technique is slowing picking up the race and would be everywhere in some time. With Siris and Alexas and Googles everywhere in the market, advertisers would be needed to coil their idea around that. Searches made by the voices are expected to be longer than the text which is why it is really important for the advertising agencies to adapt in order for them to answer the user aptly regardless of the format of the query.

  1. More Visually appealing contents :

Studies say that videos nearly account for almost 85% of the internet traffic and around 54% of online users watch videos regularly on social media platform. So, the importance of this advertising technique can be easily guessed. And this is not going anywhere soon too. Video advertising gives the most amazing results when done in certain way. Visual scenes have the most impact on a user than anything else. Another study explains that incorporating a video in content improves the clicks by 200-300% and whaaaaaaaaat!! Isn’t that massive! So working on this technique is not really a choice but a necessity of the moment.

  1. Virtual Reality

Advertising is going to be taken over (already started) by the use of artificial and virtual reality. This year will see it in full bloom. Brands can use these techniques to improve their quality, storytelling and provide their potential customer a unique & interesting shopping experience by connecting them with their products and services.


These are some of the techniques which would take over this year and will help the brands achieve their advertising goals through increased brand awareness and providing best possible customer experience.


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