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A perfectly designed landing page can be the difference between the success and failure of your online business. A landing page typically consists of various elements or content blocks that, taken together, convince the prospective customer to go ahead and by the product or service. This infographic from Kiss Metrics give a detailed guide of […]
Convincing people to buy stuff using persuasive copy is an art that can be mastered by anyone provided they are armed with enough knowledge and strategies. This infographic from ABC Copy Writing does that and more. It gives a detailed account of what copy writing is, what are its various elements, some strategies that help […]
With global brands, the issue of homogenization of the brand communication into the local language (specially in Latin Americac and East Asian countries) is of critical importance. But when such brands ignore proper research or are simply careless, the mistakes that happen are often quite hilarious, even though they are unintentional. Given below are ten such faux pas. […]
In his 1957 book, The Hidden Persuaders (Longman Green, London), Vance Packard, suggest a theory that a particular advertising technique could persuade consumers to buy anything, without them even knowing that they were being influenced. This technique came to be known as subliminal advertising. It comprised of inserting a single still image frame, containing a promotional message […]
Just as “whitewashing” seeks to to cover up unethical activities through denial & creative lies, “greenwashing” seeks to change the image of a company as an environmentally responsible one, without the company actually contributing anything worthwhile towards environment preservation. It is a term coined by a New York environmentalist, Jay Westervelt, in an essay in […]