Social Media is not a fad anymore. It is perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in the world of marketing ever. Social media marketing is all about creating a loyal tribe of online followers. While this is easy for popular brands because they already have a huge fan following and also have the financial muscle, it is also useful for startups and SMEs to develop their own small but dedicated tribe of followers.

You can use social media for marketing your products and services by

  • having genuinely good products and services worthy of being talked about;
  • communicating to your audience and genuinely caring for them;
  • being remarkably good;
  • investing time and money in building a community;
  • taking social media seriously and not just to show off;
  • using social media to augment mainstream media promotion.

Since Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in India and globally, social media marketing is becoming increasingly synonymous with Facebook marketing, just as search is synonymous with Google. Facebook is also our major focus and part of any social campaign. Apart from Facebook, we also recommend Twitter and Linkedin as secondary platfroms for promotion. We also recommend use of online hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, flikr, slideshare, scribd for various purposes.



  • Social media marketing is not cheap. If you want to do social media marketing because you think you think its cheap (or worse, “free media”), you will only end up wasting your time, money, and effort. Building a community of your customers is time consuming and requires serious monetary investment.
  • Social media marketing is not an alternative to mainstream media. Social media only augments your mainstream media promotion. It is not a marketing tool for brand building, unless you have a truly remarkable product. Social media marketing should go hand-in-hand with other regular branding activities.
  • Merely creating social profiles is not social media marketing. Like any marketing campaign it requires defining campaign objectives, deciding a strategy and campaign theme and eventual execution of the same. It requires expertise and manpower.
  • Social media marketing is not advertising. So don’t expect instant results. It’s a bottom-up branding approach that bring results over a long period. You can get thousands of fans in a month on Facebook through Facebook ads. But those fans won’t mean anything unless they become your customers, and that will take time.


For whom: For all brands, big and small. The truly “mass” online medium.

How: Promotion is done through brand pages. You can create a fan following through various methods. You share pictures, videos, links and general upsates with your followers. You can create and promote your events. You can also create contests and interactive applications to engage your audience and generate top-of-the-mind brand recall.

What Cost: Depends of your budget and campaign objective. Given below is an indicative monthly budget range considering number of fans as campaign objective.

  • Rs. 10,000 – 2000-3000 fans + regular updates
  • Rs. 20,000 – 6000-7000 fans + regular updates + contests
  • Rs. 30,000 – 10,000-12,000 fans + regular updates + contests + apps


For Whom: Celebrities, politicians, authors, bloggers, teachers, business leaders, news sites, artists, performers, well known brands and all those who have good number of followers in general. Also if you have a genuinely remarkable idea and you want to spread it fast.

How: Through a regular stream of exclusive updates, links and stories called tweets. If your tweets are remarkable you will attract followers. Create engagement through retweets and mentions. Create and follow trends through hashtags.

What Cost: Rs. 5000 per month, unless we execute any twitter specific strategic campaign.


For Whom: Excellent for personal branding for any professional looking to build network and discover new business and customers. Also for brands willing to invest substantial time and effort in developing community.

How: Promotion is done through company pages. An excellent way of creating a serious business community is by creating and managing Linkedin groups.

What cost: Rs. 5000 per month, unless we execute Linkedin Ads


Some other popular content hosting sites can be used for various purposes as per the list given below.

Youtube: Videos
Vimeo: Videos
Flikr: Images, works of art
Slideshare: Presentations
Scribd: Documents

We create these profiles and host your content free of cost if you hire us for Facebook marketing.


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