Google Adwords
Are you using the world's biggest advertising platform effectively?

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google’s global advertising platform for advertisers of all sizes. Google pioneered online advertising by allowing advertisers to place ads based on keywords. These ads are placed automatically in search results and web pages which contain the keywords identified by the advertiser, thus increasing the chances that the ad will be viewed and clicked by the website visitor. And the advertiser pays Google only when the ad gets clicked (if he has opted for pay-per-click or PPC model), or every time the ad is displayed 1000 times (cost per thousand impress CMP model, applicable only for banner ads).

Adwords has become synonym with online advertising and if you are looking to promote your website online (to increase traffic to your site and/or generate leads) you just can’t do without it.

Through Adwords you can make your ads appear either on the google search result pages or directly on the target websites which have allowed Google to place ads on their site (almost all the website worth advertising on do).

Why Use Google’s Ad Platform?

Given below are few indisputable reason’s why you should advertise through Adwords.

  • Most advanced targeting options: Google’s platform gives you the most advanced targeting options available anywhere and thus increases your chances of getting seen by your target audience. Google tracks every individual’s web surfing habits and only serves them most relevant ads. Google’s technology in this regard is unbeatable and you, as an advertiser, directly benefit from it.
  • Power of the world’s biggest search engine: More than 90% of online population use Google to search their favorite sites. So as an advertiser you get to reach the largest chunk of target audience, not possible anywhere else.
  • Best display ads network: If you want your brand’s visibility on the most popular websites you can either negotiate with them personally or your Google display ads network. If you choose the first option you will have deal with the extremely high ad rates of these sites. But if you choose the Google platform you get the advantage of a world class system to keep your costs minimum and exposure maximum.
  • You choose your budget: With Google Adwords, you can decide your own ad budget and cost per click rates. Even if your budget is low you can still use it to get some relevant customers. You can always increase your budget once you start earning from your website.
  • Most advanced analytics: Adwords provides you the world’s most advanced analytics system to analyse your ad performance and modify them real time. You can keep track of every penny spent.

What we provide?

  • Adwords account set up
  • Website and campaign objective analysis
  • Google Analytics account setup
  • Detailed keyword research and analysis
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Suggesting list of target keywords
  • Landing page creation and regular optimization
  • Allocating appropriate budget for search and display ads
  • Creating various ad options for text and banner ads
  • Creating flash banner ads (if required)
  • Testing the effectiveness of various ad options by rotating them
  • Bidding for CPC rates
  • Optimizing ads based on ad performance
  • Tracking the performance of ad campaign
  • Providing reports at regular intervals

What should be your ad budget?

As described above you can keep your advertising budget as per your convenience. Depending on your budget size, we will advise you to go for a mix of search and display ads. There is no upper limit of how much you can spend. Big e-commerce brands spend millions of rupees on Google ads.

For ads on CPC basis, your budget will depend on how many click you want to your website and which industry you belong to. Your industry will decide your keywords and different keywords have different rates.

Assuming your monthly ad budget is Rs.10,000 given below is a list of suggestive number of clicks you can get for your industry vertical.

  • Apparel: 556 clicks (CPC Rs.18)
  • Arts & Entertainment: 1000 clicks (CPC Rs.10)
  • Beauty and Personal care: 588 clicks (CPC Rs. 17)
  • Business & Industrial: 476 clicks (CPC Rs.21)
  • Computers & Consumer Electronics: 714 clicks (CPC Rs.14)
  • Finance: 435 clicks (CPC Rs.23)
  • Health: 417 clicks (CPC Rs.24)
  • Home & Garden: 526 clicks (CPC Rs.19)
  • Real Estate: 256 clicks (CPC Rs.39)
  • Travel and Tourism: 455 clicks (CPC Rs.22)
  • Retailers and General Merchandise: 500 clicks (CPC Rs.20)

The above figures are suggestive and your actuall cpc rates will be decided by your actual keywords. Using the cpc rates given above you can extrapolate and find our your monthly budget based on how many clicks you want.