Event Design
Have you given enough thought to branding your event?

What We Offer

Designing for events is a lot like designing for a product brand, except for the fact that product packaging design is replaced with venue branding and design, as for an event, the product is the event itself. Also event branding is more topical (and therefore has to be more relevant, design wise) than a product or company brand. Creating graphics for an event typically starts with conceptualizing the brand identity of the event and it’s positioning and includes:

  • Logo design
  • Event stationary design – visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, invitations cards
  • Press kit – brochure, press release, notepads, merchandise, etc
  • Sponsorship proposal design
  • Event brochure design
  • Designs for the venue – posters, standees, stage backdrops, signage, etc
  • Website design
  • Social Media Profiles Design – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc
  • E-mailers
  • Prints ads design
  • Outdoor – Horadings, bus panels, etc
  • Merchandise – t-shirts, caps, pens, etc

How We Work

  • Thorough brainstorming and concept development for positioning the event.
  • Creating the logo, slogan and theme for the event.
  • Creating graphics inline with the decided theme.
  • Writing copy and developing the event brochure.
  • Creating the sponsorship proposal.
  • Designing invites and emailers.
  • Designing website and social media profiles.
  • creating concepts for print and outdoor ads.
  • Creating and finalizing designs for the venue.
  • Print production of all relevant design items.

Some event related design that we have created