Brand Identity Design
Does your brand have a unique, relevant and memorable identity?

What We Offer

Brand/Corporate identity design involves designing all the visual elements that become part of the overall brand. It is more than just about designing a logo. Logo design is, undoubtedly, part of brand identity design process, but is much more than just that.

It starts with brainstorming and identifying the elements that should be visually depicted in the logo – nature of business, company philosophy, company vision, etc, and typically includes:

  • Conceptualizing and designing the logo.
  • Designing stationary – business cards, letterheads, envelopes, files, folders, etc
  • Designing other collateral for internal and external marketing
  • Designing graphics for company premises like posters, standees, signage etc

How We Work

The process we generally follow for brand identity development:

  1. Business analysis and development of logo characteristics – color, shape, design style, etc
  2. 3-5 initial logo options with divergent ideas
  3. Further fine-tuning of the logo option selected and final delivery
  4. Designing stationary range based on the logo
  5. Designing templates for other marketing collateral – company profile, brochure, catalog, presentation, etc
  6. Providing guidelines for correct usage of all the design elements created in the form of a brand manual

Some brand identities that we have created