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Target the trending topics

Sometimes the best social media ideas come to you when you least expect them. Trending topics on Twitter and Facebook represent a way for the brand image to capitalize on topical content. While you have a limited window of opportunity for such content to be relevant, topical posts can score huge numbers. A less time-sensitive way to stay topical is by referencing a big event that you know is coming.

When in doubt, avoid political or potentially sensitive topics. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a social media PR nightmare when you were just trying to be clever. That will certainly help in your brand image. It is very challenging to sustaining your brand on social media. You have to be very cautious while sharing on the social media

Sharing, the best option

An easy way to get more eyes on your social feeds is the mere act of asking.

Tag-a-friend posts are all the rage as they encourage responses from your followers and bring new potential followers into the fold. Considering how easy it is to @ someone in a comment, tacking on a tag-a-friend request to a post is fairly straightforward. Brands like Alex and Ani regularly ask for followers to tag their friends and family via Instagram: While you don’t need to ask for tags in each and every post, doing so is a good way to encourage a response from a post that otherwise might not receive much engagement.

Run a Social-Exclusive Deal

Although brand image shouldn’t push their followers too hard with offers and deals, social media ideas such as Facebook carousel ads can help you score a financial ROI from your social presence.

The beauty of running ads within social media is that they’re easy to track. For example, Facebook’s ad platform provides an insane amount of information in terms of who’s seeing your ads, who’s clicking and how much your clicks are worth. Meanwhile, running exclusive coupon codes on Twitter or Instagram can help you understand what percentage of your followers are willing to spend.

Take the survey

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Social media ideas such as Twitter polls are a one-click way to get a pulse on your followers. Click To Tweet

Polls don’t need to be a formal affair, nor do they need to be sales-related. Social media represents a conversation, so be willing to listen to your follower’s feedback. This simple question-based post from Beardbrand is a good example of how to informally poll your audience:

Give a response to your audience

Expanding on the concept of social media as a conversation, a brand image should always be willing to talk back to their followers. Your audience’s time is incredibly valuable and taking the time to respond shows that you care. Whether it’s praise, a customer concern or just someone looking to say “Hello,” your responses can speak volumes about your brand. Loot Crateregularly combines customer service with a humorous twist, speaking to how much they value follower feedback. In an era where social customer care matters so much, you can’t afford to go silent on your followers.

Show the reality behind the scenes

At their core, the brand image represents people. Don’t let that personal element of your social feed fall by the wayside. Giving your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your company signals authenticity. Also, taking a snapshot or video at the office doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Got a designated office mascot? Throwing a party? Let your followers see what you see. Brands such as Warby Parker constantly show off their office antics, much to the amusement of their followers.

Share the success

Last but not least, the brand should be willing to celebrate their success and victories with the followers. Featured in a major publication? Reach a sales goal? Stoked about a new hire? Finally upgraded to that swanky downtown office? Let your followers know. Sharing these moments with your audience shows your human side while signalling growth.

Again, social isn’t all about “product, product, product.” Telling your story and showing what you’re worth based on your accomplishments can truly cement your company’s status in the eyes of your audience.

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