To start the branding on social media, it is important and advisable to follow some tips for the expected results. Heare are some tips to swipe the social media.

Association with other brands

Co-marketing is a win-win situation. Two brands team up on a campaign or piece of content such as a webinar, ebook or even a special promotion. Each company gets exposure to the other’s audience.

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Look for branding partner with that aren’t competitors, but have a similar target audience. For instance, Sprout has partnered with companies like Wistia, Zendesk and others to create webinars and ebooks.

At times it is difficult to sustain your brand on social media. It’s better to know & implement some tips to get the maximum of it.

Teach your customers [know how]

Blog posts aren’t the only place your followers are going to get educated. While articles are a good medium to break down step-by-step instructions, social media can be just as effective. Buzzfeed produces Instagram videos of mouth-watering recipes which are broken down into actionable steps. Each video is short and to the point, while remaining comprehensive.

When thinking of tutorial topics, keep it to ideas you can explain in less than a minute. You can score bonus points if your Instagram caption can also explain all of the necessary steps.

Go Live

Plain and simple, there’s something compelling about live video.

In fact, people spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos than pre-recorded ones. Marketers such as Seth Godin use live streaming as an avenue to answer questions and educate his audience.

Whether you’re vlogging from your car or conducting a Q&A session, responding to people in real-time establishes a more personal connection with your followers.

The best part? You can always repurpose your social video content (think: YouTube videos, “sneak peaks” on Instagram) down the line.

Customer priority

For branding, What better way to show your customers you appreciate them than giving them a shout-out?

Go beyond retweeting people who mention your brand and start a campaign that really highlights your customers.

For example, you could have a customer of the week program highlighting your most loyal advocates, hooking them up with some swag or a prize.

Sprout highlights customers through case studies. In addition to showing appreciation for companies that use our software, such studies also provide prospective customers with social media ideas they can employ themselves.

The more appreciation you show your customers and followers, the more likely they are to share your content and promote your business on your behalf.

Take interviews

Serving as an alternative to a traditional Q&A session, social media has made it arguably easier than ever to conduct interviews.

Whether through Twitter or Facebook Live, interviewing a relevant influencer or professional in your industry serves as the perfect combination of education and entertainment. Services such as beLive allow you to conduct easy split-screen interviews in real-time on Facebook.

Social interviews are oftentimes informal and off-the-cuff, coming off as authentic to your audience. As an added bonus, you can repurpose your social interviews into podcasts, blog posts and YouTube videos.

Make your posts/videos humorous

Brands shouldn’t afraid to show off their sense of humour. it helps in branding.

While marketing with memes isn’t for everyone, social media itself is a breeding ground for humorous images and satire. As evidenced by brands such as Chubbies, there’s certainly a time and place for memes.

Of course, keep in mind that memes do have a shelf life. If your audience isn’t privy to humour, memes can come off as cringe-worthy and out of touch. That said, many brands with younger audiences and a heavy social presence could benefit from some lighthearted content.

Lastly, if you can think this is too much or it will go out of your budget, take it easy, know how to do a business on social media with shallow pockets.



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