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Visuals on social media can come in lots of forms other than photos—infographics, quotes, post designs—and still be just as successful. What matters is that you provide some kind of eye candy to go along with your message.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on staff to lend a hand, don’t worry; we’ve put together 10 simple tips for making eye-catching social media design, visual posts that anyone can handle. Click To Tweet

Eye-catching social media design in social apps has once again upped the ante for marketers trying to boost their messaging.

  1. Use icons

    Vector icons are a great way to visually reinforce one of the words in your text. They can add
    poignancy or humour, depending on the message, increasing the emotional impact that leads to engagement on social media.

  2. Text blocks

    One popular trend in graphic design is to manipulate typography that all the lines are the
    same size, forming a solid shape. This can be tricky if you don’t have the right number and length of words, but you can still achieve the look by filling the extra spaces with other
    shapes or dividers to make the block work all the same.

  3. Go for a transparent design

    This is a handy trick for when you want to use an image in the background, but you still want to make sure the text over the image is easily readable. In Photoshop, you can do this by adding a layer on top of the image, filling it with a solid colour, and then turning down the opacity until it looks right. Similarly, in Social media design, you can add a square shape on top of your image, change the colour, and turn the opacity down to around 70%.

  4. Add a joke

    Puns and nerd humour to get great engagement in design. Even if it’s just a
    simple nod to a niche topic, a pun can really help your audience relate to your image.

  5. Use an appropriate background

    Sometimes a literal image is a great choice, but an abstract one that still reflects your
    message can create a fun effect too. Try to find a background image that fits your message
    without translating it directly.

  1. Allow fonts to speak!

    I love fonts…maybe even a little too much. So one of my favourite things to do when creating a design is to find ways to combine multiple fonts together. The trick is to make sure you are creating a cohesive look, not something that seems too busy. A basic rule of thumb to start with when combining fonts is to choose one very plain font (like a sans serif) with one decorative font.

  2. Interactive images and shapes

    When you work with a tool that allows for layers to be brought forward or pushed
    back, it can be fun to layer text on top of different shapes and banners. You can rotate the letters to fit the shape perfectly, creating a neat effect. Alternatively, you can make your text interact with a background image by arranging it to fit around objects in the photo, instead of writing on top of them.

  3. Use negative smartly

    A social media design doesn’t have to be busy or colourful to be eye-catching. Sometimes
    using negative space—also called white space—is a great way to draw the eye to your text.
    never feel like you have to fill all of the space up! Try a short message with one simple icon.

  4. Highlight hashtag with different shapes

    In order to draw attention to the hashtag we were using for this campaign, Deanna used a
    cloud shape (which fit her design) to set the #ThankYouMomapart from the rest of the image to make sure it was seen—and hopefully used when the image was shared!

  5. Proper shapes for text

    If the tool you’re using has resizable shapes, try creating a large shape that you can fit your text inside of. This can help set it off from the background and create visual interest and gives a perfect social media design.
    So, now get ready to take your social media posts more appealing than before.

with all these tips, now it is easy to start a business on social media. 


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