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As we have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is also true for a logo too. A logo design is developed to represent company’s corporate identity and also want to get identified with its product or service.

In today’s stiff competition, company’s are launching the products or services which already exist in the market and at times it is difficult to distinguish company’s corporate identity from competitors.

In this crucial situation where your brand has all the chance to be unrecognized by the customers if you have not solid visual identity,  No recognition, no existence, no sales.

So, now you can imagine how designing can be a brand statement.

There are various options & styles for creating a logo design, which includes:

A logo design must be…

  • The Flexible logo aims for one that will look good on all different platforms and devices.
  • Appropriate with the brand. The font, colours, and design of your logo should be a true representation of your brand.
  • It should be Simple. Great logos with unique elements represents elegance
  • The Logo must be Unique and Distinguish

1. Creative typography

Some of the greatest logos out there are purely text-based. Why is it so effective? It’s simple, straightforward and carries the name of the brand. But don’t confuse simple with boring. 2018 is the year for creative and imaginative typography. Irregularity is the key to achieving this trend.

A couple of examples include:

Split typography: While always maintaining readability, these fonts explore “splits” or breaks between letters. Resulting in unique logo designs with thousands of variations to explore.

Chaotic typography: Letters are organized in a non-linear formation creating an effect of organized chaos. The finished product is striking and bold! Perfect for a casual, playful brand.

Handwritten effect: Hand drawn logos offer a quirky and authentic feel that typed letters are restricted by. This effect offers a true representation of your brand’s personality.

2. Responsive, contextual logos

We are living in an age where the creative artist must not only create aesthetically pleasing designs but must also have a deep understanding of the different contexts in which those designs might be applied. Posters, business cards, signs, installations, advertisements, and packaging are only a few examples of places a logo can end up. In 2018 keep your eyes peeled for an increased awareness of the context of visual identity. Colour psychology plays a major role in logo design.

3. Real-World Presentation

As we head into 2018 we’ve noticed a trend that we’re really excited to see gaining momentum. That’s the practice of presenting a logo design in a real-world context to help clients envision the logo in actual practice.

Many designers are now providing mocked-up visuals of their designs on a business card, stationery or wall signage in addition to their beautifully rendered design. These supplemental materials not only help clients see what the logo might look like in practice, they can also be used to help influence a brand identity.

Choose a style that looks appropriate to the brand for your mock-up to help the client to better understand how to visually communicate their brand beyond their logo. This may also influence their perception of what their brand might look like once fully realized.

4. Social Media Optimized Logo style

Choose a logo with a nice visual balance between its horizontal and vertical axis. These will display well on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram’s circular profile field.

This trend is a must-follow! It only slightly restricts your creative options and optimizes your business to put its best face forward on social media.

This is important because you want your brand to be consistent across channels, as we wrote in Grow Your Small Business With Consistent Branding. An appropriate logos create logical associations in your customer’s mind, helping them to link the logo to your product or service.

 5. Geometric shapes

This unsurprising continuous trend of 2017 has held up well in the design world. The simplicity of geometric lines and shapes allows for endless creation! The beauty of these seemingly basic lines and shapes is that when they are combined, layered and designed correctly they produce a clean, elegant and easily recreated visual mark of your brand.



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