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Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals. – David Ogilvy Ogilvy was a well known pioneer and advocate of method and research in advertising. He pioneered copy research in British advertising and his research findings are used even to this day to create the optimum advertising […]
Marketing is not mathematics. It is not exact or definite, because it deals with the human psyche and our consumption and buying patterns, which are very unpredictable. When marketers fail to realize this fundamental reality, they fall prey to marketing “rules” which don’t exactly turn out to be rules. Here is a list of seven […]
In his 1957 book, The Hidden Persuaders (Longman Green, London), Vance Packard, suggest a theory that a particular advertising technique could persuade consumers to buy anything, without them even knowing that they were being influenced. This technique came to be known as subliminal advertising. It comprised of inserting a single still image frame, containing a promotional message […]
Just as “whitewashing” seeks to to cover up unethical activities through denial & creative lies, “greenwashing” seeks to change the image of a company as an environmentally responsible one, without the company actually contributing anything worthwhile towards environment preservation. It is a term coined by a New York environmentalist, Jay Westervelt, in an essay in […]
Permission marketing is a term popularized by Seth Godin through his bestselling book, Permission Marketing: Turning Stranger into friends, and friends into customers (New York, Simon & Schuster). It is all about obtaining permission from customers before sending them any kind of marketing communication. As a concept it is directly opposite to “interruption marketing” where the customers […]
Guerrilla warfare is about waging small individual battles on different flanks of the enemy territory, primarily to harass and demoralize a stronger and much more powerful enemy. Similarly, guerrilla marketing is about using unconventional marketing techniques to outsmart a bigger competitor. Guerrilla marketing relies on innovative promotion strategies that can be executed cheaply and generates […]
According to the International Dictionary of Marketing (Daniel Yadin, Kogan Page, UK, 2002), Horizontal Marketing is “Collaboration among companies working on the same markets. In setting up a combined manufacturing, marketing and sales operations, they can bring more power to the market, offer better prices and better services that either of the individual companies working alone. The […]
If a brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer, then brand positioning is “creating, maintaining and developing a unique perception (or speciality) about a brand in the mind of the consumer.” In the modern world (where supply and choice far outweighs demand) positioning is the crux of the branding process. […]