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What features should a perfect landing page have? How should it look. What message should it give out? A perfect landing page can be vital for the success of your online business and can get the best out of your website traffic. Here is an infographic from Kiss Metrics that will help you understand what […]
Are you struggling with your writing? Are you finding it difficult to generate ideas for your content writing? Great ideas don’t come easily, especially when you are suffering from writer’s block. Here are 22 ways (infographic by Copyblogger) you can overcome this and write great content on a regular basis.
Colour if used correctly, is the most important weapon in the arsenal of a designer. Different colors have different meanings and evoked different feelings in people and a firm grasp on color psychology can be very useful for effective design. Here is an infographic from that lists down the different meanings of various colours.
A perfectly designed landing page can be the difference between the success and failure of your online business. A landing page typically consists of various elements or content blocks that, taken together, convince the prospective customer to go ahead and by the product or service. This infographic from Kiss Metrics give a detailed guide of […]
Convincing people to buy stuff using persuasive copy is an art that can be mastered by anyone provided they are armed with enough knowledge and strategies. This infographic from ABC Copy Writing does that and more. It gives a detailed account of what copy writing is, what are its various elements, some strategies that help […]
So says the latest trend briefing from The current information age we are living in, spews technological innovation on a daily basis. This means the emergence of technologically superior new, unfamiliar brands and products that are tried, tested and shared by consumers everyday. Consumers don’t want to restrict themselves to the conventional products anymore. And they […]
“The Millionaires Club” is an annual ranking of liquor brands published by Drinks International and Euromonitor International based on data provided by participating countries. The purpose of this list is to rank all the local and global liquor brands that sell at least 1 million 9 liter cases in the year. This year 180 brands made to the list, […]