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Be it a small business owner, a medium sized or a large scale business, a well written copy of the advertising can make or break a deal. Copywriting is one of the core tools in the toolbox of marketing. It is very important for a copywriter to understand the fundamentals of sales-specific writings to succeed in the copywriting industry.

Copywriting can be equated to a well spent investment or complete waste depending upon the quality of it. Lot of people misinterprets the actual essence of copywriting. An article writer thinks that a little extension of his writing abilities will make him a copywriter but that is not the case. Copywriting comes naturally to some people and others just keep on exploring their way in this foreign landscape. The entire concept of copywriting focuses on writing the hard sell sales words and not an entire story with overabundance of sales language handed heavily and designs talks. Well written copywriting doesn’t need to have bolds and capitalization in it for putting a point or grabbing the focus. The message would stand on its own, clear and sound.

  1. The first and foremost thing for a copywriting outline is the Foundation. Your foundation should include the Advantages of your product. Customer should be able to see at forefront what your product is going to do for him/her and how it will help. It should also clearly mention why your product is better than your competitor and what is the added benefit that your product has. The key is to understand your product and its values completely so that you can convey that message to your customer properly through your writing.
  2. Focus on your competitor’s weakness. The second most important point of a successful copywriting is to know where your rival lacks. Once you explain your customer where the competitor’s weakness lies in and why they should not go for them. Although vague claims will not work here. You need to be very realistic about your points since you would have to back them up with some concrete data. You are free to tear your competitor apart provided you had a thorough research about them.
  3. Have the knowledge of who your customers are. Not everyone on this earth will be able to see or would see every featured advertisement. Every ad has their specific audience and the entire advertisement is made focusing them only. Take your own times researching on who are the customers for your products. Evaluate them properly and create demographics of who are likely to be most valuable. Attributes like gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, income, family status and family status would help you in creating the demographics.
  4. No one needs the unwanted the information. So make sure to avoid TMI (TOO MUCH INFORMATION) in your copywriting. It should be crisp, precise and to the point. Extra details can distract your audience and increase the chances of them forgetting the important aspects of your product.
  5. Last but the most important is to Proofread. It is very essential for your to proofread what your have written down. The most carelessly you can lose your credibility is to allow grammatical and spelling mistakes in your article. So make sure to focus on that.


Copy writing is an easy job. The only thing to work on is research, prep work and focus. These things will ensure that you shine always.


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