There was a time when Facebook updates used to reach all those who followed the page and all those who were our friends. But for quite some time now, this isn’t the case anymore. Facebook is more like the real world now, where your updates have to fight for audience attention and follow the Darwinian principle of “survival of the fittest.” But how exactly does Facebook decide which update is more suitable for your news feed and which is not? Is there a logical process behind this selection of the fittest?

These is indeed a logical process behind this selection and this process is based on what Facebook calls “Edge Rank” – a term that mimics Google’s search engine ranking system called Page Rank. Now, some may argue that since we, the regular and corporate users of Facebook are the ones who create content for Facebook  we should have the right to decide what shows in our news feed. But regardless of the system’s justification, it is what it is and we have to understand it if we have to increase the reach of our posts, without paying money for it.

To start off we can understand what Edge Rank is, and how it works. Here is an infographic by , that does this job nicely with a visual impact.

Edgerrank Determines


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