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Ensuring consistency across your brand can be a bit of a nightmare. You want to grow your online branding presence and have your fingers in a lot of pies – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list of social media site alone is seemingly endless.

Your website to consider. Email marketing, advertising campaign,  You want to take advantage of it all (and you should!), but it’s vital to do so with a completely consistent brand presence. Create a brand image on social media. It helps in achieving your targets.

Know why Is Online advertising or Branding so essential?

The world got large and loud with the advent of digital marketing. It’s fantastic for entrepreneurs but makes it difficult to be heard.

Your branding has three key purposes:

  • Ensuring you are always recognized, regardless of the platform
  • Raising awareness and exposure of your business
  • Establishing you as a trusted authority in your niche

Here’s are the few tips that can help you with your online branding

Know clients requirement first and work accordingly

Knowing your ideal client is vitally important for many reasons, but maintaining an effective and consistent online branding is one of the most important.

In order to do its job, your online brand needs to attract the people you most want to work with, while naturally filtering out the people you don’t.

If you’re selling outdoor where you want to create the feeling of nature and all the inherent adventure that goes with it. If you’re a coach or provide services to entrepreneurs and small businesses, you want to create a home-office/start-up vibe.

Your  Brand. Your Business Nature

Your online branding should not only reflect your ideal client, but also the nature of your business. Click To Tweet

It should paint a vivid picture of the life your ideal client desperately wants. The life they need, which your product or service will achieve.

Incorporate your products and the emotions and mental process that goes with them into your branding. This can be really simple, like using pictures of shoes and feet, because you sell shoes. Or it can be a little more abstract, like using a lotus flower to represent the calm and serenity your product will bring.

Focus more on the experience than the object, especially if you offer services

The Design Basics

Design elements are the fastest, easiest way of ensuring you have a consistent online brand. Beyond that, they create connections in the minds of your audience.

There are a lot of elements to visual branding. Here are the key components and how you can ensure they are always consistent.

Colour Palette – Select one or two main colours, along with three secondary colours. Make the main ones dominant and the secondary ones subtle or neutral shades (black and white count!).

Fonts – Fonts are a tricky thing to get right. They need to be memorable yet legible, interesting, but not distracting, and flexible enough to be used in a variety of mediums and sizes.

Title Font – A font that can be used to make your titles big, bold, and easily identified (even from a distance) is a good place to start. It’s easy to make this a fancy font to catch people’s attention, but remember the objective is to allow them to see it at a glance – fancy fonts are tough to read!

Main Text Font – Selecting a font for all your main text is also important, and often overlooked. People frequently rely on the defaults, especially for things like websites and social media posts, but taking the time to tweak it makes a huge difference. It needs to be a simple serif or sans serif font that’s super easy to read, and completely legible even at 6 points choose with care!

Logos – Not all brands have a logo. You don’t actually need one, but if you want one it needs to be consistent and flexible. There are a few forms

Image Filters – The easiest way to ensure consistency across all your images is to choose a filter that represents the feeling you’re trying to create in your brand, and use it on every single image.

Loud & clear message

The voice of your brand is difficult to quantify. It’s partly language you use (word choices, phrases, and colloquialisms) but also depends on your tone (formal, friendly, relaxed, jovial, seductive…there are as many tones as human emotions), and the core message you deliver.

Developing a strong brand voice is easier said than done. Before you can deploy it consistently, you need to carefully hone it to ensure it’s as a representation of your business, self, products, services, and ethos as possible.

Be Original

Authentic businesses inspire and prosper. Authenticity is magnetic in the overcrowded digital age. We can spot a con a mile away. It doesn’t matter how snazzy a product or service looks if we get a whiff of anything even remotely fake, we’ll run right over to the next person in line.

If you build an online brand that doesn’t reflect who you are, and what you do, in a totally authentic way, it doesn’t matter how many fancy fonts and cool colours you have, nobody will buy into your brand.



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