About Us
Get to Know Us
Gracia Marcom is a Marketing Communications Company with a focus on design, advertising and web technology driven solutions. In our 2 year old journey we have worked with more than 25 companies of various sizes belonging to various industries. We have an in house team of designers, developers and online marketing specialists who work together to create, nurture and promote the various brands we work with.

We are Creative Generalists

We, at Gracia Marcom, are a bunch of inspired creative generalists. Even though we specialize in our respective fields, we strive to let our minds wander when it comes to ideation.Broad and divergent thinking leads to big ideas and marketing and advertising communication thrives on big ideas.

We are Change Agents

We are in the business of changing people’s attitudes and beliefs through vehicles of mass communication. We use well grounded research, big ideas, graceful design and innovative technology to change the way people think and behave.

We are Brand Centric

All our activities are geared towards building brands, starting with our own. Without a brand as a masthead of your creative endeavors, you run the risk of hurtling yourself into the abyss of chaos. That’s why we think in terms of brands and all our efforts are geared towards enhancing the value of brands.

We are Devout Executioners

Ideas are as good as their execution. Big ideas not backed with big execution skills only result in castles being built in air. Every dream has to be followed passionately to help it materialize. We help our clients materialize the dreams that we create for them.