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So says the latest trend briefing from The current information age we are living in, spews technological innovation on a daily basis. This means the emergence of technologically superior new, unfamiliar brands and products that are tried, tested and shared by consumers everyday. Consumers don’t want to restrict themselves to the conventional products anymore. And they […]
Below is just how Wikipedia defines inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is based on the idea of gaining the interest of prospective customers, making yourself easy to be discovered and also drawing clients to your internet site by generating content clients worth. Blog sites, podcasts, video, eBooks, e e-newsletters, whitepapers, INTERNET MARKETING, social networks advertising, as […]
“The Millionaires Club” is an annual ranking of liquor brands published by Drinks International and Euromonitor International based on data provided by participating countries. The purpose of this list is to rank all the local and global liquor brands that sell at least 1 million 9 liter cases in the year. This year 180 brands made to the list, […]
Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals. – David Ogilvy Ogilvy was a well known pioneer and advocate of method and research in advertising. He pioneered copy research in British advertising and his research findings are used even to this day to create the optimum advertising […]
Personal Branding is a process in which individuals and their career or expertise is packaged as brands. It is different from the personal management techniques which focus on self- improvement. Personal branding is more about self-packaging, and managing one’s own positioning amongst followers and peers. The term personal branding was coined in 1971 in an […]