Gracia Marcom is a marketing communications service provider with a focus on design and technology. We are in the business of building and nurturing brands through the use of stylish design and effective technology.

What We Offer


We create your brand identity with an impactful logo and extending the identity to all related design items

online marketingMarketing Collateral Design

Use effective design and persuasive copy to enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

online marketingEvent Design

Concept, branding and design for your events, seminars, product launches, press conferences, trade shows and other events.

online marketingAdvertising Solutions

We provide concept, copy and graphics for print and outdoor advertising along with 360 degree media solutions.

online marketingWeb Design

Create a strong web presence through websites that are dynamic, effective and are found easily in search engines.

online marketingSocial Media Marketing

Get the best of the biggest social networking platforms with our tailor-made social media solutions for your brand.

online marketingSearch Engine Optimization

Get found in the biggest search engines, increase traffic to your website and increase your sales.

online marketingONLINE ADVERTISING

Promote your brand through the biggest and the most effective advertising network in the world.

Why Hire Us

We are young. So we try harder.

This means we try harder to do excellent work, we try harder to provide better service and we try harder not to take you for granted. In an industry that’s on the verge of commoditization and where creativity and strategy is sold in “packages,” we can’t afford not to try harder. We are not a major player in the market. Not yet. Surprisingly, this works in your favor.

We combine graceful design with effective technology.

Not many design studios in Ahmedabad will provide design services, web technology and digital marketing services under one roof. We do. In a very cost effective manner. And thats why we don’t call ourselves a “design studio.” And that’s why you will not find a better mix of all the marketing communication services a start-up or a SME needs, under one roof. And that’s one more reason why you should hire us.

We understand business. Your business.

To provide effective marketing communication services, one needs to have sound understanding of not only marketing communications or marketing but also business in its totality. Far too many promotion campaigns have to bite the dust for lack of business understanding. We don’t get enamored with “brilliant ideas.” Before embarking on any project we understand you, your business, your problems. And work towards finding a solutions that works.

We don't mislead you.

With commoditised service “packages”. With promises of miraculous results. With confusing jargon. We are candid about who we are, what we are capable of and how we work. Every business is unique and so are their requirements. We whip up the perfect recipe that suits your tastes. And like every good thing in life, it comes at a price thats not cheap, but right for you.